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  • Who We Are

    We're on a mission to help you raise funds and HELP THE WORLD at the same time.

    Rachelle Ferguson

    Founder, Fundraisers That Help The World

    Our Story

    It all began in 2016, with a trip to see the beautiful country of Swaziland, Africa. We were a small group of friends and family on a mission trip to see this place that was creating jobs, feeding the hungry and changing the world.


    Daily this group of artisans works to create goods they hope a world will be willing to buy.

    .  We are a 501c3 entity dedicated to helping the world by connecting Swaziland's emerging economy and trades to the thriving sales force found in American fundraising initiatives. 


    It is our mission to provide first world consumers with:

    • An easy fundraising process 
    • Quick and lucrative success 
    • A tangible way to give back to the world


    Mandy Wallick

    Sales Director, Khutsala, Heart For Africa

    Our Partners

    Khutsala Artisans is a Heart for Africa initiative designed to provide training and valuable employment to local Swazi people. We currently employ 110 Swazi men and women, training them in the art of jewelry making, bead craft, pottery and woodworking.

    In a country with a 70% unemployment rate, our desire is to provide HOPE and help the people of this nation break the cycle of poverty and provide for their families.

    100% of the profit from Khutsala Artisans goes to the Care and Education of the Project Canaan children.


    In partnership with Fundraisers That Help The World we hope to:

    • Raise awareness of our brand.
    • Provide quality product people desire to sell
    • Create sales channels for our artisans




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