How Much Does It Cost? Can We Pick Two Methods?

    How Soon Can We Start? Is There A Minimum?

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  • How It Works

    We Have An Option To Help You Sell Out Quickly!

    ONLINE Link

    You Want To Email, Post, Share & Share Again

    Do your supporters live across the country? Are people involved daily in your online community? Are you willing to FREQUENTLY post, monitor and promote this fundraiser? This could be the option for you! We create an online link, your contacts purchase ornaments, we ship the items and collect the money, and YOU DEPOSIT the 40% Profit!


    Order Forms Worked Well In The Past

    Has your school or organization used order forms for success in the past? Do you have an organized team to coordinate a large sale? Order forms for your organization could be the best option for you! We will create a personalized order form for your organization. It will highlight your mission, the items you wish to sell. If you print, it is FREE of cost. We can print for a fee.


    Perfect For Clubs, Youth Groups & Teams

    The best option for most of our clients! We ship the items to you at NO CHARGE. You sell the item at retail price,and keep the 40% PROFIT. This is the FASTEST and MOST LUCRATIVE option for every fundraiser. We do require a credit card on file that will only be charged in the instance of unreturned, damaged or unpaid merchandise. People love to see the items.